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28 Apr 2017
Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor General

Governor General of Saint Lucia, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, marked the opening of the second session of the eleventh Parliament of Saint Lucia, Tuesday, with the customary Throne Speech which focused on government’s vision for building a new Saint Lucia grounded in the need to improve the country’s economic situation, and to arrest the present moral decline. This mandate, she said, will be undertaken through the introduction of novel programs in education, health, the social sector, climate change, and energy and justice reform.

In her remarks, Dame Pearlette noted that a new parliamentary year is an occasion for projection, as much as it is for reflection; and an opportunity for Saint Lucians to determine their country’s future - one based on a people centered approach to government, and the development of every citizen irrespective of social status, economic endowment or political orientation.

“We are all responsible for the future of Saint Lucia,” she said. “It is the responsibility born of nationality. We ask every Saint Lucian to commit to the sustained development of our country. We urge each citizen to opt for a life of engagement and [to set] our sights on the ultimate good, even in the light of decisions on which we are not all agreed. Our small nation confronts tremendous challenges. My government believes that if we are to overcome them we must be visionary, courageous, steadfast, and we must, together, chart the course toward building a new Saint Lucia.”

“New initiatives will incorporate programs geared at educating our citizens. In advancing this goal, greater emphasis will be placed on early childhood education covering all children from zero to eight years,” she remarked. “In the area of mental health, government intends to establish robust community mental health teams that integrate communities, families, patients, public and private stakeholders in a mutually supportive environment.

“This year, government will reform and rationalize the Public Assistance Program so that we have a more efficient, targeted and structured package of support.”

“Key to Saint Lucia’s survival in the face of climate change will be the building of climate resilience. My government will therefore pursue climate change adaptation aggressively in all sectors, in an integrated manner.”

She added that reforming the justice system is a priority area for government.

“It is our intention to provide the requisite resources for addressing the number of cases still pending before the criminal courts, while promoting long term systemic and administrative efficiency.”

As it relates to economic and investment initiatives, the Governor General said the government is committed to revitalizing the priority sectors of tourism, agriculture, housing, industry and commerce in partnership with the Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB); and is also committed to directing a significant amount of revenue to the construction sector.

Government also intends to maintain strong regional and international ties with its traditional partners, and seek to establish new relationships in pursuit of developmental goals.

Dame Pearlette saluted two illustrious Saint Lucian icons who passed away recently: Sir Derek Walcott and Sir Dwight Venner, and extended her condolences to the families of those who tragically lost their lives during last month’s explosion in the Cul de Sac Valley.

On the brighter side, the Governor General congratulated the Saint Lucia National Under 15 Cricket Team for winning the Windward Islands Cricket Tournament for the fourth consecutive time.

She said the team’s success reaffirms that as a people, Saint Lucians can aspire and achieve.


Go here for the full-length Throne Speech:

2017 Throne Speech_Building a New Saint Lucia.docx


The Prime Minister’s contribution to this year’s estimates of revenue and expenditure can be found at this link:

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