Investment Never Looked Better

Sean Devaux
General Manager
IGY, Rodney Bay Marina

There’s tremendous opportunity for growth and with the human resource aspect, Saint Lucia has one of the friendliest people, eager to learn … Saint Lucia in all, is a very attractive opportunity for any investor.

Margaret Monplaisir
Managing Director
St. Lucia Distillers

…so any company coming in, you do have a voice, you’re able to get your concerns out there.

Konrad Wagner
Managing Director
Calabash Cove

We’re fortunate enough that government is focused and understands the importance of tourism and combined with the climate and the very accommodating workforce that you find in Saint Lucia makes it a good place to pursue what we are

Debra Tobierre
Managing Director
Emeral Vista

I would definitely encourage an investor to consider investing in Saint Lucia primarily because again opportunities exist because we are a young developing nation.” 

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