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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Playing our part as a corporate citizen.

Invest Saint Lucia is a leading organisation in the country’s corporate world and a primary provider of investment facilitation services and land developments—two vital resources for growth in economy and development. Invest Saint Lucia’s image of success comes with national visibility and responsibility to set the bar of ethical behaviour as a corporate citizen.

Consequently, Invest Saint Lucia has inculcated a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy into its public relations strategy, which will self-regulate the agency in remaining socially accountable to its stakeholders, and the public. Simultaneously beneficial to Invest Saint Lucia and the community, CSR activities help create stronger bonds between the agency and its partners, and help employees feel more in touch with how their roles affect citizens.

Invest Saint Lucia receives many requests for outbound sponsorships and it is imperative that these are formally assessed, managed, and reported to ensure that funds are stewarded and that sponsorships provide measurable benefits and outcomes.

ISL has two sponsorship classifications to provide either in-kind and/or financial support:


Community Outreach

Sponsorships for all categories should possess the following common core criteria:

Consistent with the agency’s brand attributes, strategic direction and core values;

Provide mutually beneficial outcomes;

Enhances the agency’s reputation;

Provide promotional opportunities for the agency;

Strengthens and supports brand awareness.