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Invest Saint Lucia Hosts Sod Turning Ceremony at Mt Pimard

Invest Saint Lucia Hosts Sod Turning Ceremony at Mt Pimard

A sod turning ceremony held on Thursday May 16th, 2024 signaled the commencement of a multi-million-dollar project set to transform Rodney Bay and add significant value to Saint Lucia’s tourism product. A’ila Resorts and the TheLifeCo Holistic Wellness Hotel will be situated on the picturesque Mount Pimard, introducing a groundbreaking approach to Saint Lucia resort development.

Comprising resort rooms, private villas, and residences, A’ILA will be uniquely divided into several zones, the first of which, TheLifeCo, is scheduled to be completed in 2025. Other components of this project will include A’ila Palm, a family friendly resort, A’ila Cove, an exclusively adults only resort, A’ila Sunset residences, the Seven Wonders Luxury Villas set to be completed in 2027, and the Blue Zone Avenue which will consist of a commercial area, retail spaces and long-term residences. The project represents an initial investment of approximately $870 million USD.

An investment of this scale offers tremendous potential for Saint Lucia’s tourism industry. A’ila resorts will contribute to increasing the island’s room stock with 520 luxury rooms across diverse accommodation concepts. Moreover, The LifeCo Holistic Wellness Hotel itself will represent a first of its kind investment for the region.

The primary goal of this component is to create the Caribbean’s first world-class, contemporary tourism and wellness resort, redefining hospitality by seamlessly blending modern luxury with the inherent beauty of nature. This creates a world of possibility for the resilient growth and expansion of Saint Lucia’s tourism industry, which continues to fuel the island’s economy.

As an agency, Invest Saint Lucia is committed to the advancement of not just the nation’s economy, but the transformative development of its people and communities. This bold project is one which presents a myriad of opportunity for sustainable investments in Saint Lucia, and most importantly Saint Lucians.

A’ila resorts has placed emphasis on developing skilled local labor, as well as a commitment to supporting the local community and fostering valuable linkages. Approximately 300 people are expected to be employed by local contractors during the construction phases. Moreover, upon completion, A’ila Resorts will employ 800 staff for high-end tourism resort operations, stimulating significant job creation and opportunities for economic and social advancement. These employees will also benefit from training and development opportunities to increase and improve their experience within the tourism sector, particularly luxury tourism.

Beyond this, the developer has also committed to funding the construction of a public beach park at Reduit, which is intended to provide more comfortable facilities for vendors and public users of the beach. It will feature public washrooms, parking, barbecue facilities, and upgraded vending booths for local entrepreneurs who currently make a living at Reduit Beach. This park, which will be managed through the collaborative efforts of the Gros Islet Town Council and the National Conservation Authority will be an important aspect of A’ila Resort’s community engagement efforts.

As an agency, Invest Saint Lucia strives to create an enabling environment to attract sustainable investments. A’ila Resorts was introduced to the agency as a referral from one of our trusted partners in international hospitality. Atlas Group, the parent company, has a global reach and longstanding international presence, making them a choice investor for the development of one of Saint Lucia’s most vibrant tourist hubs. They have established themselves as a preeminent engineering, construction, and project management company with expertise in executing numerous large projects in North Africa, Europe, and the United States.

From the onset, Invest Saint Lucia recognized the potential of this visionary project and committed firm support. Locally, the team has assisted with every phase of this development to date, including initial site selection activities and site familiarisation tours. We have also offered our expertise in the areas of planning, obtaining incentives and approvals, and navigating the local investment landscape. These services provide critical support to investors which ultimately lead to them placing their trust in Saint Lucia as a home to nurture and sustain their investments. With robust legislation, equitable and attractive incentives and business friendly processes, Saint Lucia continues to be a location of choice for investors from around the globe.