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Invest Saint Lucia Promotes Economic Development In Micoud

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Invest Saint Lucia Promotes Economic Development In Micoud

In the agency’s latest venture towards its goal of securing 600 new landowners for the financial year, Invest Saint Lucia officially cut the ribbon at its prized Beauchamp Land Development in Micoud. The event took place on Thursday, September 10, 2020 on the development site, where Micoud residents, representatives from Invest Saint Lucia, various ministries and involved organisations came to mark the occasion.

Invest Saint Lucia has been looking into developments that will target the middle-class spectrum, exploring options such as multi-family offerings in which case persons can purchase the unit within a duplex or apartment complex at a lower reasonable cost. This includes the Beauchamp Land Development, which has been designated for both residential and commercial use which makes it a very attractive option for potential landowners of this subdivision.

CEO if Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry said in his remarks, “Right now, we’re on almost 11 acres of flat land, parcelled into 59 residential and commercial lots, 80% of which are already sold. These are fully serviced lots with road infrastructure…and utility connections.”

He went into describing Invest Saint Lucia’s dedication to communities like Micoud and how this development signifies the outset of economic growth in the community. “I will tell you this,” said Mr. Cherry, “The term ‘economic development’ might sound grand, but it’s only truly evident when people from all over Saint Lucia, people from Micoud, people who are far away but want to come home, can have a piece of Saint Lucia to call their own. This is what Invest Saint Lucia is here to do, by wisely and carefully utilizing the resources vested to us since our long-gone days of being the National Development Corporation.”

The CEO said that the benefits of land development would be reflected more evidently in the lives of individual landowners who can achieve financial goals more easily with the backing of land ownership. “The challenges posed by the pandemic have made Invest Saint Lucia more determined than ever to push on,” said Mr. Cherry, “COVID-19 has underscored the importance of Saint Lucians owning property assets, including a home, which contributes some form of stability when faced with spontaneous uncertainties. This proves that the government’s decision to put more Saint Lucians on the path to land and home ownership was the right one.”

Sales for this development were halted during the country’s initial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Invest Saint Lucia is currently processing applications for this development, but now it is about 80% sold so far.

Also, at the ribbon cutting ceremony was Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, parliamentary representative for Micoud South. In his remarks he addressed the government’s other contributions towards development in Micoud, “We’re going to have to increase the services in our constituency if we’re going to be successful in getting people to move to [Micoud].” He said that the government needed to find a way to promote investments which will benefit Saint Lucians on a more personal scale without overburdening the state. “The land [already belonged] to Invest Saint Lucia [and they were] willing to…come in and put in facilities and government was able to support by providing incentives.”

He congratulated Invest Saint Lucia and Mr. Windy Moncherry, Chairperson of the Micoud South Constituency Council and Ms. Marguerite Emmanuel, Chairperson of the Micoud South Constituency Branch joined the two speakers for the official ribbon cutting.