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Invest Saint Lucia Unveils First “Saint Lucia” Mural at Pointe Seraphine

Invest Saint Lucia Unveils First “Saint Lucia” Mural at Pointe Seraphine

Invest Saint Lucia unveiled the first ever “Saint Lucia” mural on Friday, and invited Saint Lucians at home and abroad to join Pointe Seraphine via its social media channels for the live ceremony. Pointe Seraphine has been planning to do a mural for several years and finally erected the structure in the beginning of 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had been sitting, awaiting this grand unveiling.

The mural will be the newest photo opportunity and authentic landmark in the Castries basin. During the unveiling ceremony on August 28, 2020, Pointe Seraphine General Manager, Earland Labadie, shared some remarks and explained why this addition to the shopping complex is not only for beautification, but that it is a touristic attraction as well.

He said, “Once this pandemic and protocols allow, this mural will become a new item on any tourist’s or tour operator’s itinerary. When our borders open, people returning home or coming to visit paradise for the first time will be welcomed from the sea and air.

“And similar to when you see the Pitons knowingly peeking through your airplane window, our ‘Saint Lucia’ Mural will say ‘hello’ with the same colour, vibrance and love as our people.”

Labadie stated that before the COVID-19 pandemic, Pointe Seraphine could welcome up to 4,000 cruise ship passengers in one day. The shopping complex has also been open to locals for decades, providing opportunities for income, commerce and a steady stream of customers for tenants. He added, “Pointe Seraphine strives to attain world-renowned status for the sake of everyone who walks through these walls from the far corners of the globe, and our people right here in Saint Lucia.”

The mural comprises the ten letters of the name “Saint Lucia” spanning across about 50 feet and standing six feet at the tallest points. It was painted by Naja Simeon of Sakey Productions, known for his numerous contributions to the community through art.

Labadie added, “Today, what we are about to present is nothing short of tailor-made, stellar representation of our iconic symbols and invaluable contributions towards what has made our people what we are today…The paintings were carefully chosen to portray Saint Lucia’s past, present and future through cultural and traditional symbols.”

Popular tourist locations such as Toronto, Amsterdam, Budapest and Cancun have similar signs spelling out their cities’ name as tourist attractions and photo opportunities. Invest Saint Lucia and Duty Free Pointe Seraphine are proud to bring this modern-day touristic piece to the Saint Lucia, adding to the island’s international-grade tourism product.

Saint Lucians are invited to visit Pointe Seraphine to be one of the first to have a chance to take a picture on the “Saint Lucia” mural. Finally, Labadie added, “I also urge you to stay with us for the rest of the year, as we work closely with the tenants of Pointe Seraphine to release exciting promotions that are finely curated for Saint Lucians!”