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Global Business Outsourcing

Global Business Outsourcing

A leading location for global business outsourcing investments in the Caribbean region.

With our tertiary-educated labour pool and a workforce skilled in customer service, Saint Lucia is a leading competitor for business or knowledge process outsourcing (BPO/KPO) investments in the Caribbean region. The sector has seen impressive growth since the early 2000s, when expansion came along with the dawn of new reliable technology and infrastructure, a reputable legal and regulatory framework, a stable macroeconomic environment, and business reforms introduced in the 1990s.

Saint Lucia represents a strong contender in the BPO market, with over 3,000 people employed in the sector, and there is potential to double its size. In addition, the island has an enviable reputation because while the wider region enjoys BPO success due to its proximity to the United States, Saint Lucia offers project-ready locations, more reliable technology, human resource capability, and a warm, clear Caribbean accent.

The telecommunications infrastructure has continuously developed and become more reliable, with healthy competition between service providers and an assured regulator, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, overseeing the sector. Invest Saint Lucia is one of the few investment promotion agencies in the Caribbean, with factory shell space to accommodate large-scale investments at competitive rents.

In 2019, the BPO/KPO industry accounted for 20% of new jobs in the country and following the onset of COVID-19, the sector became the fastest growing in Saint Lucia. As a result, the Government of Saint Lucia and the local workforce have appropriately repositioned through additional training, education and policy to accommodate this ongoing expansion and ensure the sustainability of BPO and KPO investments on the island.

Siobhan James-Alexander - Country Manager, Digicel St. Lucia

If you’re coming in as an investor, world class support technology is actually there and it’s accessible and it will make you as successful as we have been for the last 14 years.

John Berkowitz & David Rubin - Co-Founders, OJO Labs

One of the things that made it really possible to set this facility up and begin hiring was the partnership with the Government through Invest Saint Lucia. They were in charge of project management, vendor management – they did it all – and now we have this world class facility in the Caribbean…

Yoni Epstein - Founding Chairman & CEO, itelCX

We looked at Saint Lucia, and it was very fitting for an industry like the business process outsourcing industry. It is one where there is a large skilled labour force, close proximity to our major markets in the United States and they have great experience in the services industry. Most everything we need!