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Manufacturing & Agro-processing

Saint Lucia is shifting rapidly into manufacturing as a core sector.

Historically, Saint Lucia’s strategic position on the Caribbean archipelago has made the island an ideal hub for trade and investment, coupled with its central location within the Eastern Caribbean states. Saint Lucia is party to several regional and international trading agreements namely the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partership Agreement, CARICOM Single Market and Economy, Caribbean Basin Initiative, Caribbean-Canada Trade Agreement, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

These agreements provide access to a regional market of over 14 million consumers. The island has an abundance of natural resources and plant biodiversity probing Saint Lucian manufacturing companies, especially in agro-processing, distillation and brewery, to achieve critical acclaimed internationally. The country has been continuously improving its position within the global manufacturing sector for decades, with a strong foundation in agriculture and agro-processing.

Saint Lucia possesses a dynamic, English-speaking labour pool which has been prepared for work in manufacturing roles, and the young work force is easily-trainable in specialised manufacturing trades. This is supported by comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary education school systems that create a solid foundation for learning and adaptability.

Invest Saint Lucia has been offering subsidies to the manufacturing sector through land and infrastructure since the 1970s. Managing seven industrial estates throughout the island, the agency is well versed in accommodating site with refrigeration and warehouse facilities as well as coordinated access to distribution ports. Investors can obtain free zone benefits and incentives in special development areas.

Manufacturing is further supported by an efficient telecommunications system, reliable electrical grid, and a stable, affordable water supply and markets are connected by Saint Lucia’s modern air and sea port facilities, fibre optics and wireless capabilities.

Margaret Monplaisir - Managing Director, St. Lucia Distillers

…so any company coming in, you do have a voice, you’re able to get your concerns out there.

Johanan Dujon - Managing Director, Algas Organics

We have benefitted tremendously. Anybody looking to invest in Saint Lucia, or start up a business, it’s a great environment; there are quite a bit of enabling organisations such as Invest Saint Lucia who could help you along your way…