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Local Manufacturer to Accompany ISL at Manufacturing & Technology Show in Ohio

Local Manufacturer to Accompany ISL at Manufacturing & Technology Show in Ohio

The local manufacturing sector is expected to benefit from knowledge sharing as a representative of the Saint Lucia Manufacturing Association accompanies Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) at the upcoming Manufacturing & Technology Show. Scheduled to take place in Cleveland Ohio from October 18th to 20th, the tradeshow is specifically designed to help manufacturers improve their operational efficiency and remain competitive in an industry which often requires rapid change.

As the island’s official investment promotion agency, Invest Saint Lucia remains committed to socio-economic development, with job creation and economic diversification forming key components of this mandate. The manufacturing sector is a major contributor to economic growth and ISL continues to encourage the use of best practices, technology, and enacted efficiencies to bolster and grow this sector. Engagements such as the upcoming Manufacturing & Technology Show allow participants to strategically network, creating opportunities for potential partnerships.

ISL will be represented by Senior Investment Services Officer Philbert Lubrin and Investment Services Officer Jurgen Montoute. Montoute emphasised that the United States remains a key market for Saint Lucia from both an investment and export perspective and will be a source of opportunities as the country continues to reopen. Speaking on the importance of this event, he stated “it is our goal that ISL’s attendance will generate quality leads for investors, distributors, sales representatives, and/or partners who will be interested in establishing a presence in Saint Lucia or collaborating with our existing operators.” He notes that the event provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of manufacturing challenges, best practices to consider for the upcoming expansion of ISL’s factory shell units, and to learn about industry-wide trends and developments.

Recognising the importance of such a conference to the sector, ISL reached out to the Saint Lucia Manufacturing Association to nominate a representative who could accompany the agency and gain first-hand insight. Ronald Ramjattan Jr., Executive Director of Baron Foods (St. Lucia) Ltd, has expressed that the company is pleased to be given the opportunity to attend the event alongside Invest Saint Lucia. Baron Foods is a leading local manufacturer which currently produces over 150 products available in several countries across the globe. Ramjattan recently expressed “given our current expansion plans which entail widening our current product portfolio, attendance at this show is important for us in seeing what the latest trends in manufacturing equipment and management software are, as we are constructing from ground up and can make provisions to facilitate latest and upcoming equipment and IT infrastructure.”

The three-day conference is expected to have a significant impact on one of the island’s major sectors. This sentiment was highlighted by ISL’s Senior Investment Services Officer Philbert Lubrin who stated, “this is an opportunity for absorption of best practices, scaling opportunities, networking, adoption of different efficiencies and integration strategies that can be used to develop and enhance the sector in Saint Lucia.” By facilitating a representative from the Saint Lucia Manufacturer’s Association, ISL hopes to ensure that emerging trends and best practices will be disseminated amongst local manufacturers to the benefit of the sector as a whole.