11 May 2018

Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA), the Department of Commerce, the Registry of Companies, and the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) hosted a workshop on the fundamental concepts and uses of Intellectual Property (IP).

The workshop, which was held at the Finance Administrative Center in Pointe Seraphine, Castries, focused on the key areas of IP such as copyright, patents and trademarks, and how these can be used in relation to the exporting of creative services.

A wide cross section of service providers including music producers and songwriters, producers of film and audiovisual material, publishers, architects and engineers, information technology, and telecommunications providers, producers of fashion, apparel and accessories, and members of the legal fraternity participated in the one-day exercise.

Attorney Erica Smith, who facilitated the workshop, is a highly qualified and experienced professional in IP. She has extensive experience in the corporate intellectual property sector, private practice and in public sector IP management. She has successfully implemented many regional and international IP related strategies through consultancies for a host of established agencies and universities. Other key speakers included Jerson Badal, Director of Client Management Services at TEPA who looked at what currently obtains in Saint Lucia as it relates to Intellectual Property.

TEPA CEO, Sunita Daniel, who also addressed the gathering indicated, “We are happy to once again be working with Caribbean Export on such a timely intervention. We cannot take it for granted that our intellectual property is safe. We must inform and educate and most importantly, get the correct legislation in place to safeguard what we have worked hard to create.”

She implored the participants to understand their rights and to seek assistance in circumstances where they feel inadequately protected.