30 Jan 2018
Randy Lafontaine receiving his award from ISL Representatives

Randy Lafontaine, owner of St. Lucia Travel and Tours, is the recipient of the Invest Saint Lucia Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018.

Randy, a twenty-six-year old from Choiseul, expressed his gratitude for the honor, alluding that “these things don’t usually happen to people like me”. He cites this, since his childhood days were spent bathing and washing in the river, as there was no running water or electricity at home.

However, Randy has always been a hustler and, like his father who has been a farmer since his teenage years, has learnt to be a self-sufficient individual.

This young entrepreneur who works from home, built his own website and uses his knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to market his tours online.

“About 95% of my bookings come from my online marketing. The other 5% comes from a guest house and a tour operator that I’ve partnered with.”

But Randy does not want to limit himself to these methods of obtaining business. In fact, he indicated to ISL that he has his sights set on bigger things this year.

“Right now, my goal is to partner with one major resort at a time, and I plan to use this latest award to pitch to these high-end resorts.  I also want to focus on getting additional luxury vehicles to expand my tours.”

Randy recently recruited two tour guides. He better than anyone knows of the struggles that young people face as it relates to becoming gainfully employed after leaving school. One of his primary areas of focus he explains, will be to provide long term employment as he continues to build his company. 

Randy set up St. Lucia Travel and Tours in 2016 to provide private airport transfers and taxi services for cruise ship as well as stay-over visitors. Today Randy Lafontaine owns two cars and plans to expand his fleet shortly. His company works with other drivers who meet the high standards that St. Lucia Travel and Tours is known for. Randy, who is an accomplished photographer, continues to get rave reviews from ratings’ agencies such as TripAdvisor.

He told ISL, “It's really an honor to receive that kind of recognition for my work. 2017 was a challenging year but I'm excited for 2018.”

Invest Saint Lucia sponsored the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ which was presented at the annual made-for-television ceremony put on by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognises an outstanding individual between the ages of 18 to 35, who demonstrates pioneering vision, innovation and leadership as it relates to a new idea, new investment, new product, new markets and/or a new aspect of a new or existing business that has a strong potential for growth.