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08 Dec 2017


Invest Saint Lucia is currently soliciting quotations (“RFQ”) for the production and printing of its Annual Report 2017.

The intent of this RFQ is to identify and select an experienced and creative publishing company that will be responsible for coordinating the artwork, design and layout of this print publication.


Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) was established by Act of Parliament Number 14 of 2014, to preserve and continue the corporate identity of the former National Development Corporation in an effort to advance Saint Lucia’s socio-economic development by promoting, stimulating and facilitating direct investment while making a reasonable return on assets.

Terms of Reference

Over the past thirteen (14) years, the Corporation has produced annual reports that include, inter alia, content related to its mandate, successful projects undertaken and investments facilitated during the respective year. This content is enhanced using illustrations, graphs, charts and photos.

The selected printing company should therefore be able to present, through the use of infographics, a dynamic picture of ISL’s brand, mandate and successes over the last year.

The major deliverable of this project is the successful design and publication of Invest Saint Lucia’s Annual Report for 2017 in both print and digital formats. The full-color 8.5x11 print publication will be approximately 60 pages with perfect bind and two-sided glossy card cover. Working under the direction of Mrs. Natasha Edwin-Walcott - Research, Policy Advocacy and Communications Manager - the selected company will be required to adhere to the following Scope of Works:

Scope of Works

  1. Meet with the aforementioned and other ISL team members to collate information that will guide the creative process including reviewing past Annual Reports and branding guidelines;
  2. Apply a pre-selected cover design to content, allowing for at least two rounds of major revision;
  3. Provide digital copy of final approved publication for use on ISL’s website;
  4. Print final approved copy of publication and deliver 100 copies of same to ISL’s office on the 1st Floor Heraldine Rock Building, Waterfront, Castries;
  5. Deliver final design files to Invest Saint Lucia for its future use.

Proposal Requirements

  1. A brief description of your Company and demonstrated ability to deliver as per above;
  2. Recent samples of similar publications designed and printed by your company;
  3. A summary of the professional background and skills of the team that would be assigned to this project;
  4. Contact information for at least three (3) recent clients.

Evaluation Criteria

All or part thereof of the following criteria may be considered when determining the final selection:


Invest Saint Lucia shall not be held liable for any cost(s) associated with the preparation of the proposal or any other costs incurred by any firm or individuals prior to their selection.


Submission requirements

An email of your “Response to Request for Quotation - 2017 Annual Report” should be sent to Hard copies of your previous work (as per above) should be sent to the following address:

Mr. Jeremiah Edward

Chairman, Tenders Committee

Invest Saint Lucia (ISL)

1st Floor Heraldine Rock Building

Waterfront, Castries


Submissions received after the above-stated date will not be acknowledged.