20 Jul 2018

Saint Lucia continues to see a positive growth trend in tourism arrivals in 2018. The latest figures released by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority indicate that visitor arrivals for the year-to-date are up by 10.1%. The destination experienced increases in all sectors, with yachting arrivals up an incredible 31.9%; cruise arrivals up 10.6%; and stay-over arrivals up 5.2% compared to the same period last year.

The increases have been spurred by greater confidence in the Saint Lucia product and economy by industry partners who have invested heavily in new or improved services offerings. There has been an uptick in the American Airlines’ service out of Charlotte, which offered three more flights in May this year than it did in the corresponding period in 2017; while Delta augmented its service by growing its aircraft carrying capacity from a 160-seater aircraft to a 180-seater, as well as increasing the frequency of its service from four times a week in 2017 to a daily flight service in 2018.