02 Feb 2018
Newly labelled products on display

The Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA), this week launched its ‘Taste of Saint Lucia’ (TOSL) brand at the Duty Free Pointe Seraphine Shopping Complex (DFPS).

Taste of Saint Lucia is a concept which was created to increase visibility and market share for Saint Lucian products in potential and growing markets.

In 2014, when the initial “Taste of Saint Lucia” Campaign was launched in the UK Market, it was realised that the TOSL label needed to be refined with a view to ensuring its sustainability. Moreover, it was deemed necessary to devise and adopt a governance structure and business model that would generate income to support the management and promotion of the Export Label. 

As a result, the Government of Saint Lucia, through TEPA, secured assistance from the International Trade Centre (ITC) for the project. Through its intervention, the ITC was able to provide guidance and direction on various aspects of the branding initiative including trademarking into a sustainable and commercial label that will be carried by approved Saint Lucian products and services in export markets.

The ITC/TEPA collaboration comprised two major components: the first involved the development of a promotional and marketing campaign that sought to provide an umbrella label under which Saint Lucian products and services can be sufficiently promoted to gain market share and/or presence within that market; the second involved providing assistance to selected products and services to meet entry regulatory requirements to facilitate market penetration.

At Thursday’s launch, the Export Label was unveiled, along with Operational Guidelines for those Saint Lucian products and services that will display the said label. A mini exhibition displaying those products carrying the new export label, followed the official launch. This provided an opportunity for cruise passengers at DFPS to familiarize themselves with some of the products.

As part of the on-island promotion and launch, Massy Stores has agreed to partner with TEPA to raise the awareness and the importance of the new label among local producers as well as consumers. According to TEPA, this is essential to ensure a sense of ownership and a commitment to product quality and innovation as distinct features of Saint Lucian products in the domestic consumer market. 

The products will be displayed at three Massy Supermarket outlets - Sunny Acres, Rodney Bay & Massy Gourmet - from February 1st 24th 2018. The rationale behind this is to promote the rebranded products (in the pilot programme) which feature the new Export Label. 

Following the launch, and on island promotion, a high-level Market Research & Digital Promotion will be undertaken in the UK. The Digital Promotion will entail an intensive social media promotion which will be targeted primarily at buyers.

It is anticipated that the campaign will provide feedback on the products from Saint Lucia and may well provide potential business prospects. A workshop will also be conducted with stakeholders on the management of the new export label.