Investment Cost: US$ 30 thousand
Address: Coral Avenue, Edgewater
District: Gros Islet
Sector: Tourism / Entertainment


We will offer a hassle-free service on our website where all transactions will be made. This website will include a payment gateway and chat-bot where customers can have timely conversations and be precise on their priorities of their intended stay. At all times we will demonstrate commitment to sustainability through integrating imperishable business practices and marketing strategies including social media marketing and online advertising. 


In the age of information, we have developed marketing strategies that will analyze traffic information and target our intended audience accurately. As our stay over arrivals are breaking records and continue to peak, opportunities in the tourism industry are massive considering our growing numbers of individuals, groups, corporate organizations who travel into Saint Lucia daily. We are concerned about securing the necessary technological devices, travel ID systems, website and computers to make day to day transactions and transportation to hold business and promotion meetings with vendors and key players in the industry. Our intention of starting a travel and concierge agency is to develop a profitable, sustainable and organized business and we will do all that is permitted by the law, to achieve our business goals, aims and ambitions.



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