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Proposed Establishment of Saint Lucia Chamber of Shipping

Proposed Establishment of Saint Lucia Chamber of Shipping

[Castries, Saint Lucia, March 18, 2024] — Invest Saint Lucia recently hosted a pivotal stakeholder meeting aimed at charting the course for the establishment of a Chamber of Shipping on island. Hosted on March 13th, the meeting brought together representatives from government agencies, maritime businesses, shipping companies, yachting specialists, industry associations, and other relevant bodies to deliberate on the formation of this vital institution.

The initiative to establish a Chamber of Shipping in Saint Lucia stems from a collective recognition of the importance of fostering a robust and sustainable maritime sector. With Saint Lucia’s strategic location and rich maritime heritage, there exists immense potential for the development of shipping-related activities, including trade, tourism, and transportation. The proposed chamber aims to serve as a unifying platform to promote the interests of the shipping industry, enhance collaboration among stakeholders, and drive growth and innovation in the sector.

During the meeting, participants engaged in constructive dialogue, shared insights, expertise, and best practices to shape the vision and objectives of the proposed Chamber of Shipping. Key topics included advocacy for maritime policies conducive to industry growth, fostering partnerships between government and private entities, promoting best practices in safety and environmental stewardship, and facilitating professional development and training initiatives for maritime personnel.

In his opening remarks, Octavian Charles, CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, stated that “The establishment of a Chamber of Shipping in Saint Lucia is not merely a visionary endeavour or a symbolic gesture – it represents a strategic move to harness the full potential of our maritime resources and enhance our global standing.”

Deputy Chairman of Invest Saint Lucia, Michael Willius, underscored the importance of collaboration and collective action in realizing the vision of a thriving maritime sector. He emphasized the need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the evolving global maritime landscape.

The meeting concluded with many attendees in agreement on the significance of establishing a Chamber of Shipping in Saint Lucia. Moving forward, a steering committee comprising representatives from various stakeholder groups will be formed to oversee the next steps in the chamber’s establishment process.

As Saint Lucia looks towards a future of maritime prosperity, the commitment demonstrated by stakeholders in the meeting signals a promising start towards realizing the shared vision of a vibrant and sustainable maritime and shipping industry in the country.