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A Sustainable Future


Sustainable development at the core of national plans.

Creating A Sustainable Future

In 2015, as part of the United Nations General Assembly, Saint Lucia made a commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 goals that became known globally as ‘SDGs’.

To meet the needs of present and future generations, Saint Lucia recognizes the need for sustainable development to be at the core of our national plans and programmes, focusing on people, planet, prosperity, partnerships and peace. As Saint Lucia works to chart a path to sustainable and inclusive development, Invest Saint Lucia commits to proceeding with the future in mind.

The Sustainable Development Goals

We support a diverse, inclusive, and trainable workforce by encouraging high-quality education opportunities for all, which lead to increased capabilities for upcoming employment.

We offer an attractive investment climate to stimulate sustainable economic growth which improves employment opportunities. 1,360 jobs created in 2020, across investment sectors in Saint Lucia.

We invest in quality and resilient infrastructure, improve our sustainable industries, stimulate innovation and strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems by formulating and operating a virtual business incubator in Saint Lucia.

We promote knowledge and encourage action for combating climate change through seeking and developing sustainable investment projects.


Saint Lucia possesses a dynamic, English-speaking labour force that can be trained to meet the employment needs of many sectors and industries. This is supported by a comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary education system that creates a solid foundation for learning and adaptability.

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has developed new programmes to meet demand and upgrade skills and marketability of the youth in this rapidly changing landscape. These programmes will facilitate a wider cohort of young professionals in Saint Lucia in highly sought-after areas of specialization. The Government of Saint Lucia continually positions the local workforce to meet emerging needs through additional training, education, and policy, in order to accommodate the ongoing expansion of sectors like global business services, and to ensure the sustainability of investments on the island.



Invest Saint Lucia was the secretariat of the Saint Lucia Cannabis Commission (SLCC), which was established in 2019 by the Government of Saint Lucia to review and make recommendations on the laws and regulations relating to cannabis. In the SLCC report of 2020, the Commission recommended a regulatory framework for the cannabis legislation and laid out a clear and responsible path forward. Interest in cannabis investments in Saint Lucia has grown exponentially as many states and territories relax and abolish their laws. For more about the economic impact and industry potential of legalising cannabis, please visit

“The now incontrovertible proof of the medical benefits and the value of cannabis (marijuana) as a medicinal substance challenges its classification as a ‘dangerous drug’ without value (both domestically and internationally).”

Renewable Energy

Our volcanic geology and tropical geography contribute to the many natural resources that make Saint Lucia a candidate for developing renewable energy products, services, and suppliers.

Saint Lucia is ready to harness:

  • The sun’s rays, by using photovoltaic cells and panels to produce electricity;
  • The Trade Winds, by converting kinetic energy into mechanical power using turbines;
  • Geothermal energy from our dormant drive-in volcano; and
  • Biomass as a by-product of our tourism and agricultural industries.