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Why Saint Lucia

Why Saint Lucia?

Your next investment location.

Perhaps no Caribbean island tops more polls, lists, and travel awards ceremonies than Saint Lucia, and we’re proud that our small island is making bigger and bigger waves in the international arena. But our charms don’t end at tourism and hospitality. Saint Lucia has a lot to offer investors in a wide range of sectors that speak to the sustainable and profitable development in the country.



Eastern Caribbean Dollar

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The EC$ is tied to the US$

So, what makes Saint Lucia an irresistible and unique choice for investors?

• For a start, we have a solid track record of successful investment projects and continually perform at the top of hemisphere rankings in factors like ease of doing business, economic freedom, and transparency. We also rank higher on the Human Development Index than most other Caribbean territories.

• A stable political climate and aggressive growth strategy over the past decades has allowed Invest Saint Lucia to evolve and provided the mandate for our organisation to facilitate and promote investment on the island.



Data as at 2020


Labour Force

Data as at 2019


Area (Sq. Miles)

616 Sq. km

• Saint Lucia also offers a geographical ‘sweet spot’ to investors attracted to our enviable island lifestyle and a balmy tropical climate with enough rain to maintain the lush rainforests, fertile farms, and wonderful collage of tropical flora that decorates the dramatic landscape.

• Spectacularly scenic from the northernmost tip to our southern shores, the island offers miles of sun-drenched beaches on the Caribbean west coast. In contrast, the less accessible Atlantic east coast has some of Saint Lucia’s most precious biodiversity, including leatherback turtle-nesting sites and five indigenous species of reptiles on the Maria Islands.



US$, data as at 2019


GDP per Capita

US$, data as at 2019


GDP Growth Rate

Data as at 2019

• All of which lies within three hours flight from mainland USA, eight hours from London, and boasts two airports servicing regional and international airlines. With modern commercial areas based around Castries and Rodney Bay, supermarkets, shopping malls, and banks are numerous and accessible, making it easy to live and work on the island.

• From an operational perspective, investors in Saint Lucia will find the most tertiary-educated population in the Eastern Caribbean, with additional access to a regional labour pool of 300,000 that can move freely within the OECS region.


FDI Inflows

US$, data as at 2019


Total Exports

US$, data as at 2019


Target GDP Growth Rate

ECCB, 2021

• We have it all covered as a location for investment, including reliable shipping and air freight services, accessible foreign exchange, legal and accounting services, international schools, and a service-oriented culture with friendly citizens. We are also an emerging jurisdiction for regional and international Headquarter Operations, and our flourishing BPO sector is available for further expansion.

And once you have invested, whether a year or decades later, we are here to support you and your enterprise. If you need to upscale, diversify or retrain, our key partnerships with other agencies allow us to continue supporting your business on the island.